Alfonso Sea Urchin – Natural


Alfonso Sea Urchin

Alfonso Sea Urchin


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Alfonso Sea Urchin

Approx Size: Diameter 6-8 cm

Sea Urchins are also known as Sea Hedgehogs. 

There are around 950 sub-species of Urchin.

These Alfonso Sea Urchins can be found in various shades of olive green and purple and are shaped like the head of a mushroom. 

They are unusually marked with patterns which makes each one unique much like the human fingerprint.

Alfonso Sea urchins are spiny sea creatures found in oceans all over the world but are more commonly found in the Philippines.

Typical Alfonso Urchins have spines 1 to 3 cms in length.  The spines, which can be sharp, protect them from predators.

When cleaned the shell has a natural geometrical beauty.

They can be used as a stand alone display item, as an addition to a shell collection – or as the subject of an art project

I have also seen them used as Tea-light holders


At first glance, sea urchins often appear incapable of moving.  Sometimes, the most visible life sign is the spines, which attach to ball-and-socket joints and can point in any direction.  In  most urchins, touch elicits a prompt reaction from the spines, which move toward the touch point.  Sea urchins have no visible eyes, legs or means of propulsion, but can move freely over hard surfaces using adhesive tube feet, working in conjunction with the spines,  Regular sea urchins don’t have any favourite walking direction.


The Wolf eel is a highly specialized predator of sea urchins.  Adult sea urchins are normally well protected against most of their hunters by their strong and sharp spines. (These spines are poisonous in some species).  If the spines are damaged in anyway then they become very attractive to other fish eating hunters.

Sea Urchins are one of the favourite foods of lobsters, crabs, triggerfish, sea otters and wolf eels all of which have teeth, pincers and claws that can overcome the spines that protect the Urchin.

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