Chocolate Venus Clam (Periglypta Magnifica)



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Chocolate Venus Clam (Periglypta Magnifica)

Approximate Size: Width 4″, Height 3″, Depth 4″

The genus Venus is named after the Roman goddess of love, Venus.

Venus is a genus of small to large saltwater clams in the family Veneridae, which is sometimes known as the Venus clams and their relatives. These are marine bivalve molluscs.

A very large family of varied Bivalves, the Veneridae number in excess of 400 species and inhabit many locations in both warm and cold waters. They live in soft substrates, generally preferring shallow waters.

Popular with collectors.

Would make an ideal addition to your own collection or a nice gift to a fellow enthusiast.

Could also make a good subject for an art class due to it’s colourings and texture.

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