Flag Cone Shell (Corus Vexillum)


Flag Cone Shell (Corus Vexillum)

Flag Cone Shell (Corus Vexillum)

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Flag Cone Shell (Corus Vexillum)

Approximate Size: Width 3″, Height 2″, Depth 2″

A large family, the Conidae number over 300 species and are probably the most popular collector group after the Cowries. They are a very successful predacious family feeding on worms, molluscs and fish. They have a highly developed radula system by which they are able to inject poisonous barbs into their prey prior to feeding.

All cones are covered by a thick periostracum when alive.

A very popular shell amongst collectors who like to see how many species they can have in their collection, would be a great addition to your own or a lovely gift to another shell collector.

Also has a number of uses in many craft projects and would make a good subject for an art class due to it’s shape and markings.

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