Common Egg Cowrie – Ovula Ovum


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Common Egg Cowrie – Ovula Ovum

Approximate Size: Width 3″, Height 1.5″, Depth 2″

Allied Cowries – Although not entirely dissimilar to true Cowries, the Ovulidae (Allied, False or Egg Cowries) are a moderately sized group of species. There are anatomical differences between true and false Cowries and most lack patterns and markings.

They inhabit tropical seas and live in proximity to sponges, sea fans and soft corals. Because of their link to true Cowries, and due to the often – distinctive shape of many species, they promote some interest amongst collectors.

A popular shell amongst all our customers, it makes a good addition to any collection.

Could also be used in some art projects, or due to the white colour would make a lovely decoration on any wedding table.

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