Large Cornish Sea Urchin


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Large Cornish Sea Urchin

Approximate Size: Width 4.5″, Height 4″

The Cornish Sea Urchin or common urchin is the largest found in British waters, ours have been ethically sourced from Ireland.

The stunning colours make them very popular as decorative ornaments. With white bumps the colouring varies between the species from reddish purples to brownish oranges.

The spines, which in some species are long and sharp, serve to protect the urchin from predators, once cleaned off these the shells have a wonderful geometric beauty.

Urchin species can be found in oceans all over the world, they live on hard and rocky sea beds and can be found in waters up to a thousand metres deep.

They typically feed on algae and seaweed in the wild.

Please note, there may be a slight colour difference in the Urchin you receive as these are 100% natural.

Cornish Urchins are found in the Western approaches to the English Channel and as specimen shells are prized by collectors worldwide.

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