Pearlised Turbo – Silvermouth


Pearlised Turbo - Silvermouth

Pearlised Turbo – Silvermouth

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Pearlised Turbo – Silvermouth

Approx Size:  5 – 8 cmsPearlised Turbo

These pearlised turbo shells are silvery in colour and are very pretty in their shape and natural “design”

They are very popular as wedding shells, either as table decorations or with a more practical use.

They are also good for hermit crabs due to their size and shape

Turbo shells are popular amongst collectors as the species is varied and there are a lot of different ones to collect .. they would look lovely in a cabinet with lots of the various species that are available.

I have also seen them used in shell craft, jewellery or just as stand alone ornaments.  Artists also like to use them as the centrepiece of an art project.

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