Marlin Spike – Polished Fly-Spotted Auger


Marlin Spike

Marlin Spike

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Marlin Spike – Polished Fly-Spotted Auger

Size:  8 – 12 cms

These shells are tall, slender, sharply pointed cones.  On each individual shell there may be as many as 20 “whorls”, each bearing spiral ridges and grooves.

They are brownish-yellow and white in appearance with some having a lilac tinge on their

These stunning polished auger shells (Marlin Spikes) are very striking in their appearance.

They make a great table decoration either in a bowl or glass jar and would make a great addition to any seaside orientated home.

A beautiful collectors piece it would make lovely addition to any collection whether it be just a few shells or a dedicated enthusiast.

This shell would also make a good subject for an art project for a keen artist or for a classroom to try and draw as a still model.

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