Lambis Millipeda (Millipede Spider Conch)


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Lambis Millipeda (Millipede Spider Conch)

Approximate Size: Width 5″, Height 1.5″, Depth 3″

A lovely shell that would make a lovely addition to any collection – be it yours or as a gift to someone else.

They are also used in a number of craft projects.  It’s shape and colouring would also make it a good subject for any art project.

Genus Lambis (The Macdonalds Encylopedia of Shells)

Large or very large size (3 to 12 inches), moderately high conical sphere; all the species have aperture lips that are greatly expanded and almost cover the preceding whorls and have variable number of long fingers.  The suture is barely incised, the whorls always have a median or suprasutural keel; this is strongly and stoutly nodular; above the surface is concave or, at most flat. The body whorl usually has other rows of tubercles or nodules arranged in spiral lines. The entire spiral ribs. The outer lip has fingerlike spiny processes sometimes spoutlike, very often fused along the ventral line, with a curved end pointing apically.

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