Natural Murex Alabaster (Siratus Alabaster)


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Natural Murex Alabaster

Approximate Size:  Width 4.5″, Height 2.5″, Depth 2″

The Alabaster Murex was once a great rarity, the earliest specimen known was found in 1836 – 39, in the Philippines, by Hugh Cumming.  It was not until almost 125 years later that the species was collected again; it is now relatively common but still unique in it’s nature.

Siratus alabaster, or Alabaster Murex, is a predatory species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusc in the family Muricidae, often referred to as the murex or rock snails. It is found in the waters around Japan, Taiwan, and down to the Philippines. The shell of the snail is distinctively large, fusiform, and often crisply white though it may also be ivory.

A stunning shell that would look amazing under light in a glass cabinet as an ornament in it’s own right.

Good for collectors, would make the centrepiece of any collection.

Also due to it’s shape would make a really good subject for any art class.

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