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Nautilus Shell


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Nautilus Shell
Approx Size:  Height 13cm, Width 15cm, Depth 9cm
This amazing seashell is beautiful and is one of the oldest living fossils in the ocean, it is called the chambered nautilus. 
This is  due to the walled chambers that are filled with air so that this animal can float and move up and down in the water by letting air out of the chambers,
It is a squid like animal and captures its prey with its tenticals.
A stunning shell that would make the centrepiece of any collection or would equally look beautiful on it’s own
This shell is also a fond favourite of Artists and Photographers to use as a subject for projects they may be working on.
The Nautilus has recently been added to the list of banned species by the CITES organisation .. therefore, these shells will soon become rare as existing stocks ar sold or until the ban is lifted.

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