Crowned Baler Shell (Melo Aethiopica)


Crowned Baler Shell (Melo Aethiopica)

Crowned Baler Shell (Melo Aethiopica)


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Crowned Baler Shell (Melo Aethiopica)

Approximate Size:  Length 5″, Height 2.5″, Depth 3″

A member of the Volute Species, this shell is part of a large and well known family. They are very popular with collectors, possibly due to the wide variety of patterns and colours that the shells display.

Good for decoration, as an addition to your collection, as a gift to a shell lover or I have even seen them used as bowls or drink servers at parties.

These shells can grow up to a very large 14 inches or more.  They are usually thin, not very heavy but at the same time they are fairly robust.

Also known as a Melon Shell or Indian Volute they are mostly found in South East Asia and are often collected for food by local fishermen.

The fishermen will use these large melon shells for bailing water from their boats too, hence the name “Crowned Baler”.

Colourings are striking and can range from pale orange to a light yellow in parts, with contrasting brown markings.

These certainly stand out in any shell collection or display.

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