Natural Porcupine Fish – Preserved


Natural Porcupine Fish - Preserved

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Natural Porcupine Fish – Preserved

What is a Porcupine Fish?  Porcupine Fish can inflate their body by swallowing water or air and become round; their size can double. Inflating is a defense against predators (other animals that would like to eat them). A second defense are the sharp spines that cover its body, especially when they are inflated. Some Porcupine Fish are poisonous. These defenses cause the Porcupine Fish to have few predators. Predators are the shark, orcas (killer whales) and some species of dolphins.

Sometimes the spines can reach over an inch long and its skin is covered with black blotches which are its natural coloring. Translucent gossamer fins stick out to the side like ears.

This taxidermy has been dried, stuffed, preserved, and sprayed with a protective coating.

These are pretty big, about 7 to 10 inches long and 5-6 inches wide. There is a fishing line with hanging loop attached to the top so it can be hung if desired.

Artificial eyes have been attached to the sides of the face to add to the weird macabre look. The artificial eyes are placed where the real eyes once were.

When alive, the flesh of the puffer fish is highly toxic due to tetrodotoxin, a poison that is 10 times more dangerous than cyanide. It is estimated that one puffer fish can contain enough poison to kill 30 people. Yet the Japanese consider puffer fish to be a delicacy when properly prepared. Every year, people die from consumption of improperly prepared puffer fish! The skin and spines by themselves as preserved here are not poisonous.

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