Small Natural Horseshoe Crab – Preserved


Small Natural Horseshoe Crab - PreservedSmall Natural Horseshoe Crab - Preserved

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Small Natural Horseshoe Crab – Preserved

Approx Size:  Length 25cm, Width 13cm

With its articulated carapace or shell, the horseshoe crab, a relative of spiders, ticks and mites, has 5 pairs of articulated legs. It has a pair of additional appendages enabling it to eat. Near its tail, its has 5 pairs of gills allowing it to breathe. The horseshoe crab can fill itself with water to expand its new carapace and molt. The animal is particularly vulnerable during this period. Its long rigid tail, called a telson, helps it to steer and to right itself should it be overturned.

An ancient species, astonishingly adaptable, and important to our current ecology
– the horseshoe crab continues to fascinate those who watch their yearly migration to the beaches.
The animal is even more intriguing,  for example:

They have 10 eyes and can see UV light
They pre-date Flying Insects, Dinosaurs and Man
Their blood protects them from infection

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