Common Small Pen Shell (Atrina Vexillum)



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Common Small Pen Shell (Atrina Vexillum)

Approximate Size: Length 4″, Depth 2.5″, Height 0.75″

These Shells are thin and compressed, they are in the medium to large range for shell size. The Pen shell has a triangle outline, with two sides rounded. This species, as well as other Pen Shells are bivalves (a mollusc that creates an upper and lower shell joined by a ligament which is as long as the toothless hinge. The colour ranges from reddish brown to black. The inside lining of the shell is iridescent. It was named for the likeness of a flying flag.

A lovely little shell to add to your collection or a nice gift for another collector.  These shells are highly polished and would make a good subject to draw, paint or photograph.  Has also been used in a number of jewellery projects.

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