Laciniate Conch (Strombus Sinuatus)



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Laciniate Conch (Strombus Sinuatus)

Approximate Size: Length 3.5″, Height 1″, Depth 2.5″

Seen in most general collections, these species are common.

These shells are great for collectors, art projects or certain craft purposes.

Strombus Sinuatus – (The Macdonalds Encylopedia of Shells)

Large size (4 inches), rather thick and robust, moderately high conical spire, the body whorl tends to broaden toward the aperture and partly covers some of the preceding whorls. The whorls are angular, with a nodular keel: the surface is concave both above and below it. The expanded aperture has three or four posterior fingers (pointed toward the apex), a short, broad anterior canal and an anteriolateral notch found in all stromboids (the stromboid notch).  The sculpture consists of axial ridges in the first turns and nodules on the keels of others. Basically darkish chestnut with quite broad axial zigzag white lines. The aperture is internally, violet, shading into white at its margins. The horny operculum is sickle-shaped, as in other stromboids and assists in the leaping movements of these molluscs.

A narrow arched foot, only the anterior end rests on the bottom. Each of the long, thick ocular peduncies has a small tentacle at its end protruding through the anteriolateral notch in the aperture. There is only one gill, and the osphradium is very elongated.

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