Sputnik Urchin – Natural and Stunning


Sputnik Urchin

Sputnik Urchin




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Sputnik Urchin

Approx Size:  Width 6.5cm, Height 5cm, Depth 6.5 cm

Sputnik Urchin

Almost architectural in design the sputnik sea urchin is an amazing shell with raised circular points. It is the palest mauve in colour.

Sea urchins are spiny sea creatures found in oceans all over the world.

The spines, which in some species are long and sharp, serve to protect the urchin from predators.

When cleaned the spines of the shell have a dramatic geometrical beauty.

These really are stuuning urchins and are very popular amongst our customers and collectors. 

I have seen them used as Tealight holders, Art Projects (sketching and photography) and as Display Ornaments



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